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Welcome To Smitty's Transmission

Each transmission technician at our shop is highly qualified and ready to deliver their expert automotive transmission repair technician knowledge & skills for your every automatic transmission repair need.


Our automatic transmission shop is proud to be affiliated with the non-profit organization known as the Automatic Transmission Rebuilds Association (ATRA). As an ATRA member our automatic transmission repair shop adheres to the service and repair definitions which are a part of the ATRA bylaws and code of ethics. more info

Smitty's Transmission pledges to all of our customers that we will not remove a transmission from a vehicle in order to complete a repair unless absolutely necessary. Additionally our shop promises to diagnose transmission problems for all of our local and surrounding area customers in an honest and expert manner. Our shop strives to provide prompt and courteous service to all who visit our automotive transmission repair facility in the hope that you will come back to us for all of your automotive automatic transmission repair needs.

When Smitty's Transmisiion first opened its doors in 1966, automatic transmissions were something new to the driving public. We knew that servicing and repairing automatic transmissions would be a great business opportunity for us. It was very important back then to change the Transmission fluid and filter every year. If you didn't transmission fluid would break down and cause transmission failure. Transmission shifting was controled by vacuum or cable and most transmissions only had 2 or 3 speeds. In the last 30 years transmissions have evolved into being a very sophisticated computer controlled units with 6 or more speeds. In the early years a transmission could fail several times in the life of the automobile.

Today, transmissions if maintained properly seldom have a major failure. Most repair work involves electrical controls, thats why we have the latest and most sophisticated test equipment and highly trained technicians. Most shops and car dealers don't repair transmissions, if it doesn't work all they can do is put in a rebuilt or salvage yard transmission and many times costing their customers more money than needed, when the problem may have been a bad solenoid or a computer reprogram.

Most transmission diagnostics are free, we only ask for a few hours of your time to accurately diagnose your problem. We are not the best because we are the oldest, we are the oldest because we are the best!


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